Spare G1000 Range Knob

One of the G1000 map range knobs cracked and fell off recently. I was wondering if anyone happened to have a spare knob from a previously purchased set, or knows of a site that sells one.


I just had the same issue.

That’s odd. I just had the same issue as well. Doug Duncan at KGMU worked his magic on mine and repaired it. I think he fixed the crack with super glue. I was quite impressed.

I just had the same issue today. Would like to find a supply source.

Anyone have a good source? Mine is gone also.

Interestingly enough, i had a similar issue for my GFC700 Autopilot. Cessna recommended buying the Garmin ‘Knob Kit’ - part: . It comes with several types of replacement knobs for the G1000 (not Cessna specific).

Please verify contents, and Cirrus fit, but this should work for any normal G1000.

I think I paid $50 for a pack of all the knobs, ordered by the SC.

From whom did you SC order the Cirrus Perspective knobs? I need the range knob on the console.

It turns out I was able to glue the cracked Garmin Perspective Range knob with crazy glue. It works fine now! Try Crazy Glue or Super Glue before investing $160.00 for a new set of Garmin knobs.

Had the same issue. My shop ordered the part from Textron for $25. Of note, the plastic knob will split and separate from the metal snap ring/ contact surface which will remain attached to the post. Make sure to remove that before attempting to press the replacement knob back on.