Solid State Disk - NO ALTITUDE LIMIT for Tablet Aviation PCs!

A solid state disk is finally available for the Motion Computing LS800 and Fujitsu 1600 (Not for Motion Computing LE1600). This means NO MORE ALTITUDE limitations, no more read / write errors! Now more hard drive crashes! Finally use your Tablet PC in aviation with no restrictions. Not just 4 or 6GB, but a full 32GB! (16GB model also available). Features: Same dimensions and connector as the Toshiba drive that comes with the Fujitsu. This is the first and only SSD with a Micro-ATA interface (female IDE). <1ms access time. Pure NAND flash memory drive. No moving parts. 1000+ Gs of operating shock. High temperature range and more. Details and other SSDs at

64GB IDE or SATA, 2.5", 14.5mm height $10500

With time, these prices will plummet - making solid state the de facto standard most likely due to reliability etc.