Smoky mountain


I am planning a trip to the smoky mountains National park. Any suggestions on which airport to fly in?

Thank you

KTYS (Tyson airport) is Knoxville’s class C. It’s close to the park. The Cirrus center is at TYS. TacAir is a good FBO. There are hotels by the airport, but you will probably want to rent a car and get a hotel closer to the park. KDKX is a nice municipal airport. Its FBO does not offer as many services.

GKT. Gatlinburg Sevierville. Plenty of runway.

My wife is wanting dinner close to here soon but a pilot I know said the runway is tricky here. Something about it not being level. What did you think?

GKT does have a bit of a dip in the runway. But it isn’t bad. The FBO has a rental car agency in it.

Maybe I’m biased, it was one of the satellite airports used in my primary training. Mountain winds can be fun!

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Thanks! He said the same. I’m a fairly new pilot so I may get more hours before plying that game!

GKT, done it HUNDREDS of times. No big deal. Landing to the west at night is “all hands on”. The FBO there is very nice.

We flew to GKT a few times. Call ahead and they’'ll bring your rental car out to your plane. 30 minutes to park entrance if you take back roads to avoid Gatlinburg tourist strip which can jam you up for 2 hours. Great FBO and staff.

You didn’t ask, but we stayed at this B&B and loved it:

Thank you for all your valuable input!