skyhawk for sale

There may be others like me that held on to their last ride for awhile after the SR22 arrived…In my case, I wanted to make sure I could justify the of the SR22 habit before turning loose the best skyhawk in the south....Well, all SR22 owners know that after that first flight, you're hooked and there's no turning back!....If anyone knows of a flying friend looking for an awesome 172 let me know. 1969 K model with Penn Yann 180HP new in '99 (640 hrs.) paint in '99 (still perfect and always hangared), interior in 2000, aux tank (56 total), Garmin 150 GPS, King radios (full ifr), wingleveler, STOL mod, new transponder, 4 place intercom (new with interior). and Only 2700 total airframe (640 engine since new). If you're unfamiliar with the fixed pitch Penn Yann 180 conversion, you get slightly better cruise (120 kts), awesome climb improvement, and 200 lb gross weight increase (all four seats full plus full fuel)...and a predictable 10gph fuel burn. all for only 65,000 in Orlando, Fla.