Save some money for future upgrades

Sooner or later, Cirrus will come up with upgrades for the ARNAV (at least we hope). This should include engine monitoring and weather uplink. Based on my conversations with other present owners, they feel uplinked weather is probably better than stormscope. So, don’t spend all the money on options now, save some for these coming options/upgrades. Also, with GA growing, one would expect better/nicer electronics coming at lower prices. So maybe in a year or two, there would be other things like GNS430 that are better and one may want to add them in. So after long conversations and consultations, I am changing my plane to “A” package and altitude hold. 2-blade prop and fabric seats. Just the basics which is btw, very nice, much nicer than other stuff out there. An “A” package still gives you backup (VFR) gps/com. A handheld nav/com (ICOM A22) and a handheld GPS for me is a must. You still have a nice autopilot (STEC 30) and a GNS430. The chute and other things. I’ll save the money for later stuff.