As I am trying to justify the Sandel HSI to replace the electromechanical HSI, I wonder if Sandel will provide the glideslope indication of LAAS GPS based precision approaches.

I suspect that any CDI will display the glideslope on WAAS and LAAS approaches, as it is driven by a simple analog interface in any case. The pertinent question will be whether the GNS 430 will support WAAS or LAAS (I think the 430 is officially “WAAS-ready” which doesn’t mean a whole lot) and how much extra hardware will be necessary to make it so.

The glideslope signal from the 430 to the Sandel is not analog, it is a digital ARINC 429. The Sandel can take many different inputs, including analog and ARINC 429, but sensibly, Cirrus uses the ARINC 429.

I am glad I have the Sandel. I’ve never heard of someone who had one who regretted spending the money. They seem to be a lot more reliable than anything from Century or Garmin.