Route planning SoCal to Colorado in SR22

Am planning a flight from San Diego to Colorado Springs in a few days. Given LOP operation and oxygen, I’m considering a direct flight by flying high (ROP would work but I’m not in a hurry). Previous routes have been via Albuquerque and Las Vegas, NM, then along the Front Range, which adds a fuel stop and a couple of hours extra time (rather spend the time with friends).

Appreciate the wisdom on these forums, so I’m looking for your suggestions, cautions, and/or recommendations.


p.s. Weather today shows AIRMET for mountain obscuration, but forecasts look better, and winds are pretty moderate.


I live in Phoenix and have an uncle in Denver, so I have searched for a compromise. Try this, fly to Alamosa VOR (ALS), due east is a little airport (07V I think) called Cuchera. It is immediately below the La Veta MOA. There is a pass there that can be made at much more resaonable altitudes. Can be done with out O2, you will go above 12.5, but not above 14 nor for very long. Turn left and your just a hop away from Pueblo and then Colorade Springs. It way north of the southern turns to get around the rockies and well below the altitutudes you need to go over the mountains.


Some helpful info on Colorado mountain flying:

I’d suggest caution on a direct route unless you are very comfortable with mountain flying - that’s a lot of terrain.

Hi Rick,

I wouldn’t go direct. Look at the some of the passes suggested by Tim at the Colorado Pilots Association’s web site. I would suggest KFMN ALS 4V1 KCOS or TAS ALS 4V1 KCOS.

Stan New, Denver based SR22 pilot

Hi Rick,

Corrected post, I forgot the PUB waypoint. It should have been KFMN ALS 4V1 PUB KCOS or TAS ALS 4V1 PUB KCOS.

Stan New