Request Flt Data Based on USER experience

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to ask for an educated flt data estimate based on real world operation experience for the following “proposed flight”…

  • Solo flight, No PAX, Full Fuel

  • Departing from 500’msl

  • GPS Direct track 285 degrees

  • Destination 185 nm away at 2000’msl field elev

  • WX reported VFR enroute & arrival

  • Scattered at 4000’msl

  • Occasional moderate turbulence below 8000’msl

  • Winds Aloft reported at midpoint enroute as 3000/360/20 6000/350/25 9000/340/30 12000/330/45

What would you expect for…

Climb rate @______(avg) to _________ Cruise Alt

Power setting during Climb @rpm @_"mp

FuelBurn @_______(avg) during Climb

Cruise Indicated Airspeed @________ kts

Power setting during Cruise @rpm @_"mp

FuelBurn @________ during Cruise

Descent Indicated Airspeed @________ kts

Expected Block to Block Time: _________

Expected Total FuelBurn: ________

Power setting during Descent @rpm @_"mp

FuelBurn @________ during Descent