While leaving Glenn Falls New York flying to Wilmington De. I discovered that I was transmitting but no one was hearing me. I could hear all transmissions and see the Rx and Tx light on the Garmin 430’s. Interested if anyone has had a similar problem. I landed in Wilmington by calling Philadelphia approach on my cell phone and had them contact Wilmington and told them of my intentions.

My apologies if you already thought of this . . . when that happened to me I had plugged my headset into the wrong socket. It’s easy to do if you are distracted. It is even easier if you are used to plugging in the passenger’s headset for him/her.
Jim Knollenberg SR22 1904 N5PF
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One time my right seat guy picked up the wrong headset.I took what was left, Was trying to get a taxi clearance. Was about to scrub the flight when I figured it out. Then all was good in my world. Don