Posting pictures (HEIC)

Apple has been using a HEIC file format for pictures and now many Android phones are using it also, but when I tried to upload a HEIC file, the website wouldn’t accept it. Any chance this will change in the near future?

This is a great question.

The simple answer is, no.

As of May 2020, no browser supports HEIC natively. Both Chromium and Firefox have merged experimental support for AVIF in their source code.

Once there is native browser support for these files then we can enable the upload of these images.

A simple workaround is to either use preview to save a copy as a jpg, or if you simply drag a picture from the Photos app onto your desktop, it will automatically create a jpg copy.

If you choose to post directly from your iDevice, the photo is converted to jpg automatically when you choose to attach it to a post.

Okay. Thankfully I just found that on my Galaxy S10 there is a button to turn off HEIC use. I like posting pictures!


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