Position for sale

A friend of mine wants to sell his position.

Delivery will take place between May and July 2000!!! Perhaps he will fly the SR20 for a few months. You can get the airplane in August or September then. I do the offer because he has no internet. For offers please mail to MooneyN69K@aol.com

Perhaps he will fly the SR20 for a few months.<
Anything involving a near-term Cirrus is exciting, but to be clear: what he actually is offering is an airplane for sale, not a position, right? First, because the specs of the plane must already be pretty well worked out (A-B-C model, options, N-number, and so on), if its production and delivery are so imminent. And second, because he plans to receive it new and pass it on after a few months.

The arrival of the first used SR20 to hit the resale market is a fascinating event in itself, but if I’m understanding this correctly, isn’t that what it is (rather than a position sale)?

Thanks, jim F.