Path to become an airline pilot?


I am in my mid 20’s, Canadian, completed high school and college in Canada. Having study Computer Engineering Embedded Networks and working in the IT field for a bit more then a year, I am considering to try pursue into another career, pilot.In general and from my understanding, there are three types of pilot license. PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), and (Airline Transport Pilot License). I have non of that and zero wing time. So this is starting from scratch. I think a CPL is needed to enter into any airline to be in the cockpit? Where a captain requires an : but will this get you a CPL and how long will a take College School: Some college offers aviation program along with a degree. Usually takes 4 years correct me if I am wrong, this will cost quite a lot ($75,000 CAD approx I was told in Canada) but you come out with CPL along with necessary ratings for airliners and will most likely get hired right away.Cadet Pilot Program: training offered by an airline, usually two years and you will become a second officer. This is what I am mostly interested in but have some questions. How hard is it to get accepted? Do you have to pay anything for training? Since you are technically employed by the airliner once they accepted you, are you paid during training?Please help.


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