off-subject humor with Hillary's book titles

As most of you know, Hillary was advanced almost $3 million for a book that is not only late, but the non-book doesn’t even have a title. As a result I asked readers of FreeRepublic for their suggestions of a title. Here are a few of the best (and most printable) of the 200+ replies.

“The Book Less Written”

“Bride of Satan!”

“It Takes A Pillage”

“Cattle Futures made easy”

“My Life as a New Yorker: The Early Weeks”

“The Manchurian Senator”

“Never Stop Barking!”

“Get That House Off of Me: Hillary Speaks from Beyond the Grave”

“My Life As A Dog”

“You, too, can be the Image of the Beast!”


“How I Fooled Some of the People, All of the Time”

“Hillary: Her Imperial Swine-ness”

“Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: The Story Of The Clinton White House”

“Springtime for Hillary”


“How to Scam $2.85M Without Even Trying”

“Ich bin New Yorker!”


“Mein Senate”

“Letters From Prison”

“Laughing While Hell Awaits Me”

“Why I had Vince Killed!”

“Most of It Is Behind Me”

“90% Off” (It’ll save them the trouble of putting the stickers on later.)

Unless you can provide SOME reason why this post has ANYTHING to do with Cirrus, GA, or even aviation in general… it will be removed by this evening.


P.S. I know we have had rambling discussions here before but this post by a non-member (with no other posts to his/her credit), and which was apropos nothing, and not in reply to anything aviation-related, is a little over the line.

Thanks to all for both the pro and con comments on the Hillary post. Let me add some background to this…

I enjoy following the comments/developments on this site. Things seemed to be a little slow as to new postings, etc. so I decided to share (what I consider) hilarious book title suggestions for Hillary’s non-book. My posting was NOT misleading as to content, simply off-subject as to the usual Cirrus content. If the site administrator forbids all non-Cirrus postings then I am all for that also.

In closing, as to those who find this post in “poor taste”…
poor taste is looting the White House when leaving town. Lighten up, there is life outside of protest marches against Bush.

Thanks Steve I was wondering about that myself. Don

Are you suggesting that this is the first post with political content and no relevant connection to Cirrus or GA? If you are, you might want to review previous posts in this forum. On Mar 3-17 I politely indicated I thought the forum was for learning more about the Cirrus experience and not a forum to push one’s political perspective. I was promptly told that I “can skip a post if I find it uninteresting” or I could “vote with my feet.” I too think this post has no redeeming Cirrus value but neither do the others. Eliminating this post and not the others is a tad too selective.

Its a slippery slope but I agree it should be removed. I just hope future editing includes distasteful postings aimed at both the Left and Right.

Well said

Bob & Mike,

I would propose that the other discussions, which were primarily between COPA members who have contributed elsewhere on the forums, and primarily in reply/response to discussions about airspace restrictions or other originally on-topic discussions, were slightly different than this one – which was by a non-member who has never posted anything before or since, and is not in reply to any related topic (i.e. not Meigs or airspace restrictions, etc.)

HOWEVER, that said - I do understand your points, and I have had a few private discussions with people who feel similarly to you. I will admit that it’s a fine line… so the post will stay, and I will try to be more judicious in the future!


While I don’t see any real harm in letting the post stay, the COPA Message Forums page does say “COPA reserves the right to remove any obscene, insulting or inaccurate posts which may lead to unsafe flying, but we will use this privilege with great reluctance.”

This post is very insulting, and that seems to be its primary purpose. Let’s hope it’s not the beginning of a trend.



The reference is to S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton. Right-wingers in this country will never forgive her for the cardinal sins of (1) being an intelligent and independent woman and (2) trying to set up a system of health care in the US that would have provided care to the poor and indigent. By contrast, they seem quite delighted with wife of George W. Bush.


Its Billary, not Hillary.

Oh, that Hillary.

Come on Roger, let’s make this fun for both sides of this political scene. You are getting as uptight as an old white republican when he hears the the little Bush called the Shrub. Can’t we just all get along?

Here is a rare photo of the Bush’s and Clinton’s together in peace.

Perhaps we can all gang up on the libertarians? They are easy targets… :wink:


Only 2 cardinal sins? You are too kind to us ‘right wimgers’!



Thanks for the laugh — you crack me up!