Northeast vacation destinations?

Any good recommendations for Northeast(ish) weekend getaways? Based near ALBANY NY, and looking for a 3(ish) hour maximum flight time, today that looks like it puts as far south as Myrtle Beach.
Wife would appreciate a spa, preferably in, but close by is ok, to where ever we stay.
Warmer weather would be nice (I mean hey, it was -20 today with the windchill) but not mandatory as she will spend most of her time at the spa, and I will spend my time with a glass of wine (or two) and a good book. Yes, party animals we are!

The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC has a spa and heated pool built into a grotto in the side of a mountain. The spa’s hot tub is outdoors and has an adjoining fireplace and heated patio surround. Several bars/ restaurants and viewing spots. The mountains are beautiful.

For the pilot you can land at the highest public airport in the east at Hot Springs Virginia and for the wife the Omni Homestead Resort.