New tires

Has anyone had to buy new tires and if so which way to go just had annual and 300 hours will need tires soon any advise out there as to best tire and place to buy N101vm

Just replaced the 2 main gear tires after flat-spotting them both when locking up wheels on landing.

Cirrus specifies a particular Goodyear tire that has a a low profile shape. Service center did not have those in stock and ordered them for me. Don’t know if there was any “shopping around” because I didn’t ask for it.


It seems like the Michelin tires, and, especially, their “Airstop” tube, would be a good way to go. The tubes apparently hold pressure a lot better than conventional tubes. Anyone know whether they’re approved for the Cirrus?

After reading about the Michelin tube on this forum, we replaced the tube in the nosewheel during a recent visit (2-3 months ago) to the service center for nosewheel shimmy. It seems to be holding pressure much better. Before replacement of the tube, I was having to refill it every 3-4 weeks after losing anywhere from six to ten PSI. I can’t say exactly how long the Michelin tube is holding the correct inflation because we just had the annual done and they retorqued the nosewheel washer stack to correct the shimmy problem (again). I think they may have added air to the tire at the same time. I know it is holding pressure far better just by comparison to the mains, that still have the OEM tubes.
In a somewhat related issue, it seems that it should be a regular service item on our -22 to check and reset the torque on the nosewheel washer stack. This torque has a lot to do with its resistance to deflection and, therefore, its tendency to shimmy. After 200 hours on the plane, it seems necessary about every 50 hours or less. I talked with the service center contact about this and he said this is not something that can be done legally by an owner, but that it certainly is simple enough if you have the torque wrench and the ability to test the amount of force required for deflection of the nosewheel per the service procedure. Has anyone else found that they have to perform this procedure so frequently?

do you know the type of mich tube ? did you change the tire is it a radial and what ft lbs of torque do you use for the nose wheel?

We have put it on our 100 hour checklist for our fleet. It loosens up fairly quickly especially with a hard landing. We also check and reset the torque anytime a pilot reports a shimmy. I have found that failure to do so usually results in the rear half of the nose gear fairing departing the plane on landing within the next few flights.

do you know the type of mich tube ?<

Sorry, I do not know the particular ‘model’, just that it is a Michelin tube. We did not ask for any particular model, but the service center knew why we were changing it, they could have used the Airstop Gordon referred to.

did you change the tire is it a radial and what ft lbs of torque do you use for the nose wheel?<

We did not change the tire, don’t know if it is a radial, but I believe most aircraft tires are bias ply because of the problem of radial belt deformation when the tires quickly rotate up to speed at touchdown. Could be wrong, maybe someone else knows.
As far as the nosewheel torque goes, I believe there is a setting that is used initially, then the amount of force required to rotate the nosewheel is measured. If the required force is not high enough, more torque is applied to the washer stack. This is probably covered in the maintenance manual, but I have not looked it up and I don’t have a copy here in the office.