Yesterday, I did a mass e-mailing to all those persons named on my personal “SR20 & 22 Contract Holders” list in which I sent an Attachment of the up-dated listings (now has 125 positions stated)… This morning I received back many notices that my mailing was “undeliverable” due to “permanent fatal errors” - of which I can only assume that some of you may now have New, or Different e-mail addresses.

So, if you did not receive a message and attachment from me yesterday, and know that you did have a recent e-mail address change, and/or any other changes, i.e., city/state, etc. Please contact me stating your new e-mail address - once received, I’ll make the necessary corrections and then send you a copy of my current list for your files.

Thanks, awaiting your replies and comments, I remain,

Best regrds,

Gerry Mengo #173 & #279