NASM's Udvar-Hazy Center - Dulles Airport

Anybody have a suggestion on where to fly into and what ground arrangements are available to fly in and see the new museum all in a day trip?

We’ve been to Dulles several times. It’s probably not the low cost choice, but it’s convenient. Signature Flight Support treats us GA types very well and the controllers have always been helpful.

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but beware of the Washington DC ADIZ and the FRZ. Dulles is well inside the ADIZ, and near the FRZ. Bust the ADIZ without a proper ADIZ flight plan, and expect a suspension or worse, as well as the wrath of all local pilots. Bust the FRZ for any reason (you cannot enter the DC area unless based at one of three local airports, cleared by FBI, private PIN number, special FRZ flight plan,etc) and expect to lose your license and possibly a missle up your tailpipe. Armed military aircraft patrol continuously and the area is now surrounded with SAM sites. Monitor 121.5 continuously…the local armed apache helicopters might try to contact you before actually shooting.

Dulles is the closest place. If you want cheaper alternatives, Leesburg is the next closest airport followed by Manassas. Both are within a few miles of the facility. There is a $12 parking fee if you drive (via rental car). The museum itself is free and is one fabulous place.
For a really great experience, go to the downtown Air and Space museum and then take the $7 bus ride out to Udvar-Hazy and experience the whole enchilada!