Mountain Pictures

Thought I would share some pictures of the Smoky Mountains this weekend. Pics are from 7,500 feet heading SE after leaving McGee Tyson airport in Knoxville, TN.

Another pic

Just beautiful… Thanks for sharing


Not too bad for the right coast. It took me a minute to figure out where the mountains were…around these parts we call those ‘hills’. [:)]

Now THESE are mountains…although I confess I wimped out and flew over, rather than through the mountains. This photo is south of Mammoth Pass looking generally towards Mount Whitney, while I was on the way to the CPPP in Las Vegas a while back. Taken from 17,000 as I recall.


Here some picture of European Alps took last April 22 and 23th while we flow Low Airways >N851 and <N850 at 15.000’ between Italy, Switzerland, Germany and vice-versa.

Hope US COPAns will enjioy it.

Very pretty shots!

  • Mike.

OK, I resisted. I have now succumbed to the challenge. Sydney harbor a few weeks ago.

And another. Gee, I just HAD to go there to teach that CDM course. The flying had nothing to do with it. Sure, I wouldn’t lie to you now would I.

On a more serious note, looking at the pictures of the Smokies got me thinking about pictures I had taken and I started looking back at the Australia trip and realized once again what a great time I had. Thanks Clyde.

My former office was about 5 miles behind your tail in that shot in Chatswood :slight_smile: It had a nice view of the bridge until they put a building up across the street LOL

It was a nice trip. I managed to fly from south of Sydney to just past Frasier Island. One day was from Brisbane to Hervey Bay and then a little inland and back to Brisbane. The next day was from Brisbane to south of Sydney and back. A friend was shocked I could do that in a day. Heck there was enough spare time to stop at Bankstown, have lunch, pick him up, let him fly while I took pictures of Sydney, drop him off at Bankstown and get back to Brisbane before dard. I love the speed of the SR22. Steve and the others at Sunland Aviation in Brisbane were great.





They’re… stunning!

  • Mike.