LVL Button

Hello, how does the autopilot return to level (LVL) button work?



Depending on how badly you want to know, consider joining COPA for $65. There was just a detailed discussion on this subject recently.

What level of detail are you looking for? Is it enough to know that it takes various sensor inputs to determine which flight surfaces need to be adjusted and then works with the autopilot and trim servos in order to achieve a wings-level and nose neutral attitude? It does corrections to maintain that attitude, but it does not correct for wind-drift, or even unwanted very slow climbs or descents.

What’s really strange to me is that Dynon’s AP is truly Straight and Level when you push the button. It holds the current altitude and course which is what I expected on the DFC 90.

I believe I spent $1500 for two servos and software was free. My DFC90 upgrade was a bit more than that😱

My spouse and I were practicing pilot incapacitation last week. Pressing the LVL button was part of the exercise. Worked like a charm.


Agreed - I demonstrate the level button on my DFC 90 to my wife and sometimes passengers. Works every time and, as far as I can tell, hold heading and altitude flawlessly. I usually disengage it after a minute or two, so I have no long term data.

Right friend, what happens if press the LVL Button? Keep level?

I understood how it works, thaks!

That´s value is all month of the year? or this is a single payament?

It is $65 once per year. Best value in aviation.

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