Low river run.

I have done this river run in my Cessna 182 many times, there are wires on this river , so one has to know where they are before doing this kind of flight.

In the Cessna I do this river run at about 60kts, in the CJ6 was about 130kts, what a different experience, lots of fun.

I usually do energy turns with the Cessna on this river but at 60kts you just go above the trees and make the turn, I tried the same with the CJ 6 and at 130kts it would take me way to high, so I opted to stay low and do some G turns instead.

In the Cessna was doing this river one time (first time) always do it very slow 60kts 20 degrees of flaps, after a sharp left turn saw the powerlines, was too low and slow to climb, and below the trees so couldnt do a 180, so I put full flaps and slowed it down to 50kts so I could see better and be slower in case I hit.

I decided to go under the powerlines,(no other option really) just before going under the powerlines I saw another wire under them, I ended up going between the powerlines and the other cable.

Lesson learned, was very lucky , very stupid, I admit it.

And the faster the plane the least things you will see and least amount of reaction time.


Great video. The view with that canopy is incredible, the scenery is outstanding and good flying skills. Well done.

Very nice Larry ! Careful if you try this at Green River.

That’s where the helos from the area do their river training.

Living vicariously through you.

Great video. What type of plane were you flying?

CJ6 Nanchang.