Looking for CFI for 2-4 weeks, leisurely CA->Ny trip

Hi All,

Im looking for an IFR rated CFI who can join myself and my wife along a month long trip across the US, starting in Northern CA and end up in New York with 10 or os stops along the way. I will be following a trailer and doing some sales calls in different cities along the way. I own a Cirrus SR20 hangered in Sonoma CA and I’m a student pilot with approx 100 hours of training but haven’t gotten around to testing yet. :). You will be PIC for all hours. My wife and I would like to get some more instruction along the way.

I’d like to start the trip on April 5th and you can stay with us for 1-4 weeks depending on your availability. Please contact me at jc@jonathanclark.com and we can discuss compensation, expenses, and availability.


jonathan clark


I would love to do this with you, but alas this is such a fun trip my spouse would want to join us if I was having such a good time. [:)] She packs heavier than I do! [;)]

This sounds like a terrific adventure. Wishing you great success!


Can I bring my toddler? He doesn’t weigh much.


Although you might find a single CSIP who has time to do this trip with you, you optionally could consider breaking this trip into a series of legs and soliciting help for each leg. It’s hard for most of us to leave our existing customer base (or flight school) for a month to do a long trip. [:)]

This really does sound like a great trip for you and your wife!