Looking for a Cirrus partner in Southern WI KBUU KENW

Open to either getting into yours, or you get into mine. I haven’t yet bought, but am actively looking. Kenosha or Burlington is where I want to be.




Hi Nicholas!

Just as a quick note, not everyone monitors the guest section so you might not get a lot of responses. You might want to join COPA and then post you comment in the North Central Region (feel free to contact me if you need help doing that).

A quick search showed me that there are 33 members withing 25 miles of Burlington.

Our current membership is over 5300 members with unlimited tribal knowledge to help you learn about our wonderful Cirrus airplanes!

Good luck and I hope you join us!

Hi Nicholas - any chance you’d be interested in KUES? Haven’t bought yet either, but will happen down the road.



Actually, Burlington would be about halfway for each of you! Look at COPA playin’ matchmaker and all![:P]

I am open to Waukesha. It’s a great facility. I’ll be there tomorrow to check out a Mooney Ovation there. Driving there from my house is that okay I don’t like. It’s a great place though. I’m open, for the right opportunity.

Thank you!

Although I’d love to figure out a way to make this work, it’s a very tough scenario to envision. Ideally I want to be based at KEGV, because my residence will be 4 miles away, but I would be flying back to southern WI 2-3 times a month. Logistically, (after much reflection) it’s not ideal, particularly when I’d be flying back to Northern WI, I’d have to pay to hanger it there, paying for the same thing twice. I’ll stay in touch if I change my mind, but for now, when the time comes, I’ll probably take a shot at a partner up there, or go alone as originally planned. Doesn’t sound like KUES would be idea for you either, but when you start talking about splitting everything in half, it sure gets your attention.

I presume you’re talking about an SR22? Every analysis I’ve done says SR20 won’t work for WI weather. Everything except the absence of FIKI, works with the SR20.

I do think it’ll be SR22. KUES can work, for the right overall arrangement.

Thank you!