Keyless Entry Fob Reprogram Help


After my annual and system software update for some reason my key fob isn’t responding. I changed the battery assuming that was the issue but that did not fix. Does anyone know if there is a way to reprogram the fob like you do with a car?

Are you sure they did not pull the breaker as part of the maintenance?

I just checked and oddly the MFD A and the CONV LIGHTS breakers had popped. Thank you!

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The convenience light breaker controls the keyless entry remote and is often pulled during maintenance events. I’ve never seen an MFD breaker pop, that’s abnormal. I would ask your maintenance shop if they happened to have pulled that too. Otherwise, could indicate an electrical issue (though the former explanation is most plausible with them pulling it).

It’s also not that hard to kick open upon entry.

If only there were a way to remember to check the circuit breaker positions before each flight, a string around our finger perhaps…