HUMOR: Life in Washington TFR

Amazing to find humor in the pain of others, but …

Prompted by an AVweb article,>Life, which is funny and strange in its own way, I followed the links to the Potomac Airfield site. That was odd enough, until I at the bottom I found this gem, How to analyze security measures, made easy!.


p.s. The hit counter on the “How to” page was 2488 when I first read it.

Pretty funny stuff! (Also, sane).

It’s not being read THAT much… I was reader #2,500.

  • Mike.

If you wonder what the author, David Wartofsky sounds like, he is the voice of the Super Unicom. David oversees VKX and it’s collection of spooks, DOD types, SEALs and other assorted characters that make Potomac a very cool place. As one of the cleared TFR pilots, I have operated out of this field for the past year. David spends large amounts of time trying to educate the feds and keep the place open as well. He has a fuel club that allows the purchase os 100LL at a very low price. For DC area pilots, the clearance is worth it just to join the club.

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For DC area pilots, the clearance is worth it just to join the club.

It’s too bad they don’t allow anyone who wants to, the ability to get the “special” clearances. I’d love to get one just to be able to fly to College Park and patronize that and the other two airports. I’d even be willing to spend a Saturday getting fingerprinted or interviewed or background checked or whatever is required. But, unless I’m mistaken, they’re still only allowing people with airplanes based at those fields to go through this process, right?



Give David a call…He will walk you thru what you need to do…