Hot cylinder

I got a hot cylinder today. spiked immediately at full throttle on 1 to 2 seconds. aborted. Looking at data it was relatively at startup but in the green.

I am also seeing issues at cant login, started new account logged in once and not that password broken. Wont send recovery to my email for old or new account. Anyone else able to use

For engine I plan to swap sensors to see if its a bad sensor. Any thoughts?

Check your maintenance logbook and see if the engine sensor connector upgrade was done. This is called SB2X-77-02R2.

This totally fixes the problem.

ok thanks

I uploaded to Cirrusreports this morning without issue.

Also, it is impossible for your cylinder to heat up 130 degrees in six seconds and then cool back down in 12. It’s a sensor problem as Paul indicated.

Ok thats good to know. It ran fine just a few days ago.

Egt and Cht both were relatively higher. Seems cylinder might be bad?

Trying to switch probes. And recheck.

If probes good… bore scope?

I would swap the adjacent #4 CHT probe with #2. Just unscrew it from the cylinder using a 9/16" open end and swap them. Don’t undue the connector. There should be plenty of cable available if you remove a few zip ties.

See if the problem follows or stays on #2.

Using a borescope IMHO is standard procedure during oil changes… but then again I sell them so it’s like asking the Dentist if you have cavities.[:O]