High manifold pressure! Indication

Hi, few days ago i was flying my sr22 TN G3 the manifold pressure risses 33 to 35 inch, i tried to stop that decreassing the % power but was not possible!

i dont know what happened

i was flying at 13.300ft

can somebody help me!!!


You may have a stuck wastegate. Master or slave. The control linkage between each may also be disconnected or loose for a variety of reasons. The next item may be the master wastegate may have a clogged oil outlet. The MPC may also be clogged with a bit of debris.


The pattern of EGT’s look correct. I’m furthering my thoughts to say the master wastegate or the MPC has bit of debris clogginh the outlet ports. Ask maintenance to back lush each unit and capture the debris for analysis.



Was the manifold pressure fluctuating at all or remained there? I had that once but turned out to be a sensor issue - connector was a little loose.

Thank you jim! I will ask maintenance! [:)]

Hi! Anuj the sensor remains there! I I have tested the sensor with the barometric pressure by adjusting the field altitude in the stby altimeter! to determine the MP, and the differences are: small 0.7 inches

altitude 1.100ft - 29.90

MP … 29.2 inch

Jim this is a photo after the landing, taxing the To the ramp that day!

There has been an instance of an alternator causing MP issues. Try turning off each alternator and noting if there is a change after 30 seconds.

At 1200RPM and 3.5 GPH, shouldn’t there be at least a minimal % Power registering?

Actually, I just noticed the 3100’ DA and 30dC OAT. So, perhaps the 0% Power is normal…


The Avidyne MFD calculation for percent power drops to zero below a certain fuel flow. I’m pretty sure 3.5gph is under that threshold.

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I don’t know for sure, but I would have thought that at 31" and 3.5gph the engine would be so lean it could hardly still be firing, so I’m suspicious about that reading - I.e I tend to think it’s an indication error. Also, unless the throttle butterfly is disconnected it’s hard to see how the turbos could maintain 31" at that power setting.

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And certainly the sender/connector can be dirty or just plain old failed.