Help with Alt #2

Alt #2 shuts off every so offton


I’m sure there are lots of people who would like to help you but they need more information - do you have a 20 or a 22? WHEN do you note it shuts down? Does it come back on line by itself or do you do something (like inrease throttle) to make it come back up?

Please give some specifics and I’m sure you will get the information you need.

Gary, we are currently going thru a Dx of our intermittent Alt. # 2. We are at the point of replacing the Alt # 2 Current Sensor , which is located in the MCU box.

Seems that all the Dx checks lead to that per service manual procedures. We have one on order and hope that will be the fix. I will post results after its installlation,fly safe fly often, Buster O.

Thank you, Replacing current sensor seems tobe a good idea. My 2002 SR22(0436) has the Alt #2 going out every 1 hour or so for about 10 to 15 seconds Gary

Gary Graham SR 22 2002 (0436) Alt shuts off intermittingly then but never longer than 2 minutes is it off then back on. I watch the amp gage and the Alt is truly off when the light comes on. ???

Thanks Gary

I assume you’ve checked that the shear coupler on the alternator shaft isn’t failing.

Unfortunately after having the # Alt current sensor replaced the Alt light is still intermittent. We are forging ahead with additional dx,will post our efforts.

Would appreciate anyones actual FIX for the intermittent light problem,thanks in advance,fly safe fly often Buster