HELP: Perspective FliteChart vs Chartview

Updating the Avidyne was always an easy but a very slow (painful) process.

I recently took over the management of a Perspective bird, and have to confess I’m still learning how to update these birds, as they were never as straight forward. Including changing the update process from early software revisions to later.

I know during our recent Cirrus Partners Webinar, Cirrus touched base on this and introduced a PowerPoint for updating. Unfortunately I missed the beginning of the Webinar where they discussed this and the new CSIP renewal procedures.

So here is the deal. The aircraft was using Jepp Chartview. During the subscription renewal process the original manager opted to just combine all into the flygarmin website and use the Garmin Flitechart subscription. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get this database to take and update. Any tips, known compatibility issues? Interestingly enough the Cirrus Database update PowerPoint only addresses updating using the Jepp software for charts.

I recently read that in the handheld models, if the Jepp Chart files are on the SD card the units default to these and ignore the garmin Flitecharts on the internal database. Might this be a similar case problem I am experiencing?


Brett Goss


On the Perspective birds, the Garmin Flitecharts are the default charting system. There is an unlock that is done for the Jepp Chartview. Once this unlock is done, you can no longer go back to and load the Garmin Flitecharts unless you have an Avionics department disable the Jepp Chartview unlock.

As far as Perspective updating. It gets a lot easier if you have extra SD cards. I now keep two spare SD cards for loading of the NavData.

All updates (SafeTaxi,Obstacles, Airport Directory, and Chartview [MFD]) are done on the bottom GARMIN SD cards. NavData updates are done on a separate SD card not kept in one of the slots, They must be placed in the top slots of both the PFD and MFD to update the databases.

The MFD top slot SD card is strictly for flight/engine parameter recording, and no updates are applied to this SD card. (Note: each 1GB = about 1000 hours)

Brett Goss