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Does Gps steering work intercepting the hold entry and following published holds? Larry

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Does Gps steering work intercepting the hold entry and following published holds? Larry


No, at least not on N84MR (STEC 55 with GPSS added). Or, if it does, someone please tell me how!

What it DOES do is take me to the hold entry. The Garmin 430 suggests an entry method (parallel, teardrop, direct), at which point it SUSPends waypoint sequencing. It’s up to me to fly the hold - I can do that manually, or (the few times I’ve done it for real) I just have the STEC fly the Heading Bug, which I adjust to taste. I fly the inbound leg using the GPSS. If I have to “spin” more than once, I make sure that waypoint sequencing STAYS suspended (it wants to continue on to the next point in the approach when I reach the hold entry for the second time), and alternate between flying the Heading Bug and the GPSS. By the way, NAV page 1 is excellent during all this – it automatically times the legs, and it knows when to start and stop the timer.

Tough to describe this stuff like this – it’s actually much easier to DO. If this is “clear as mud”, email me and I’ll arrange for us to talk through it on the phone.


If you believe what the GPS manufacturers say, the data stream output required by the autopilot to fly holds, etc will be added in the future. I can’t remember where I have heard it, but I am pretty sure one of the sources was Garmin saying that this was coming. Probably talking to someone at the booth at Sun-N-Fun last year. I don’t know if it can be implemented within the 430s current operating system, so I can’t say if we will be able to incorporate the update or not. However, I will be attending Sun-N-Fun again this year and I will make it a point to get the scoop and post the response, unless someone wants to go ahead and call Garmin.

Good description. I also like the sequencing option to the hold in cases where you call a missed approach. Not that I ever missed an approach mind you. :slight_smile:

Mike, thanks, a good explaination of how it works. I tried to get GPSS to follow the holding pattern and it would not make the turns. Didn’t know if I was missing something, or the unit wasn’t capable. Thanks, Larry