Get-together at WVI

For those who are in the neighborhood, there is going to be an informal gathering of SR20 folks next Saturday, 1/15, at Watsonville airport, Watsonville CA. Watsonville is just inland from the Monterey Bay, north of Monterey and south of San Jose.

Kevin Moore has kindly made a block reservation for 11am at Zuniga’s restaurant (on the field) and it sounds like folks will start dribbling in around 10am to get a look at Walt’s plane. I will try not to damage it this time.

Please drop a note to Kevin ( if you plan to attend.

WVI is famous for its coastal stratus, which is normally not a problem this time of year (but you can never tell.) There is an ASOS on the field on 132.175, and it is reachable by phone at 831/724-8794. If you sort of average out the METARs and TAFs from SNS and MRY you can get a good idea of what’s happening at WVI.

The LOC 2 approach is the most useful, with an MDA about 500 AGL. Watch out for the weekend warriors when you break out.

Left traffic for runway 20 is almost always in effect.

(I’m posting this here because there is at least one interested person who didn’t hear the final arrangements.)

See you there…


Would love to join the Cirrusites at WVI – and would take a rental 182 down from BFI in Seattle for the occasion. (Four and a half hours, not counting wind; not that bad.) But am on the east coast this coming week. Arrange another west coast fest soon, pls!And have a good time Jim F