get ready, Curt

Like riding a bike, I suppose.

Thanks Dick! Yes, just finished childbirth classes, wouldn’t have thought things would have changed that much in 20 years, but maybe it is just all I forgot. I have been taking very close notes lately on car-seats, infant O2, and other threads that had been previously passing me by.

Actually been dealing with both ends of life lately, which is why I’ve been pretty sporadic on the forums. My dad passed peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones last week at the age of 93, after a very vital life right to the end. Exactly how vital it was was brought home to me at a small memorial we had for his local friends, when I realized it was me and 11 women!

Aw, your first official emergency and you turned out to be an above-average doc. Congratulations to the parents.

Congratulations, and condolences.

It would have been less of an emergency if Mac hadn’t kept shouting “Pull the chute! Pull the chute!”


Sheds a whole new light on “Pull early, pull often!”

U know better then to reinforce what was taught poorly in health class Rich

Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m sure he led a wonderful life and that’s what counts. One of the few advantages of aging for a male is as you get older the male to female ratio really skews in your favor. Sounds like he took full advantage. Had he been a physician he would have been a urologist. Good for him!

I wonder. Last baby I delivered was in 1968 in the back seat of a Chicago taxi. Hope I never get the chance to do that again!

Yes, he managed that skew all his life. In WWII he was assigned to the medical corps, and one of his duties was administrative officer responsible for the nurses. And through his retirement, where not only did he have the chronological skew, but he retired to Palm Springs, which made him one of the few straight ones!

Here he is in Sicily shortly before getting shipped home:

4237.Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 11.28.11 AM.png

That was his last hospitalization until his 91st year.

Good looking young guy.

I think I remember the recent hospitalization- something about a colonoscopy in a pointless anemia workup where they starved him all day, had me feeling guilty for all the times I’d done the same.

He had a good run.

Sorry for your loss. Our dads where born the same year. Here I am with my dad where he was training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1944 when I was born.

The greatest generation.

Now… I thought that was a birth control method!!!