G2 Door problems

I would like to know how the new door is working out there. Mine is not well. I have had to abort 3 takeoffs and return to airport after 110 knots of airspeed because my door is popping open. This is after what I assume is a good closed door. It is getting worse. Any help out there?

Just got a response from the factory. Here is the new door adjustment specs.
1-90802-G2dooradjspec.TIF (1.93 MB)

As a general rule, you want the seat slid all the way back before you attempt to close the door so the arm rest doesn’t bop the seat and keep it from closing properly.


On a one hour flight, about a month ago in a G2 with about 50 hours on the Hobbs meter the top latch on the left door would not work / engage. Inspection revealed no obviosuly failed components and the latch plate was properly oriented to engage the striker. This top unlatched condition generated some extra noise in addition to reduced airspeed of about 5 to 7 kt.

Having only been in the G2 for an initial one hour ride, before the return trip, It looked like a supplemental pull strap would help to engage that latch. Right side door did not experience problems opening or closing.