flying to cgs ifr?

I am wondering if I can file and go IFR in my cirrus to college park or the “dc 3” without the background check etc???
If not could someone reccomend a close airport to DC area coming from new york, hpn???

No, you cannot fly to College Park without first going through a background check with the FBI, etc. It just is NOT an option.
Depending on where you are going in DC, you can land at GAI, FME, JYO, IAD, HEF, BWI or W00.
I can tell you the best choice if you tell me where you are going.
All are inside the ADIZ but an IFR flight plan gets you into them easily.

i was thinking FME. I am trying to go to the georgetown area. thx so much

FME will work and you can drive right down the BWI Parkway into DC.
But, to get to Georgetown, GAI is a closer airport for that trip.