Fly In to Puerto Rico - $50 registration discount for COPA Members

Puerto Rico Fly In

December 6-11, 2012

Sponsored by the PR Tourism Company with deep hotel discounts & complimentary activites, Holiday shopping in the boutiques and galleries of 16th Century Old San Juan.

A memorable mid-winter, pre-holiday season escape not to be missed

Five (5)-night escape to Paradise (shorter or longer as you wish)

–On Vieques Island - the most unspoiled island in the Caribbean

–Relax at the 4 star W Retreat and Spa - the only new resort in the Caribbean on Conde Nast’s 2011 Gold List! Also picked by Travel and Leisure as one of the two most highly recommended new resorts in the entire Caribbean; $292 p/night for two including taxes, resort fees, gratuities and breakfast

–Mini Fly In to Culebra Island for lunch on one of the top beaches in the world

–Night kayaking in the brightest phosphorescent bays in the world

–MIni Fly In to Old San Juan for holiday shopping and a tour of the 16th century Old Town

–Airport fees waived.

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Questions? - Call Jim Parker on 305-667-6282 or email

Visit Historic Old San Juan

In 1505, Juan Ponce de León founded San Juan. He is buried in the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. San Juan was the point of departure of Spanish expeditions to charter or settle unknown parts of the New World. Its fortifications repulsed the English navigator Sir Francis Drake in 1595. The street are paved with cobbles of adoquine, a blue stone cast from furnace slag; they were brought over a ballast on Spanish ships and time and moisture have lent them their characteristic color. The city includes more than 400 carefully restored 16th- and 17th-century Spanish colonial buildings

Its full name is the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, but it is better known by El Morro, which means “promontory.” Perched on the northwestern-most point of Old San Juan, this daunting citadel must have been an intimidating sight to enemy ships. In fact, in its long history, El Morro was never defeated by a naval attack. El Morro only fell once, in 1598, when the Earl of Cumberland took the fortress by land.

Vieques Island

It is not a major tourist destination. It is an escape. There are no high-rise hotels, no casinos to be found. Vieques is a quiet destination where one may revel in the sun, sand, and sea in relative solitude. Swim in one of the few phosphorescent bays in the world. The correct term is “bioluminescent” because the glow is produced by organisms in the water. Bask on some of the most ** beautiful, uninhabited beaches** in the world. And stay at a 4 Star hotel, listed by Conde Nast and Travel and Leisure as the top new hotel in the Caribbean.

Pilot Information

US airspace; no hassles

Non-stop - 846 nm from Miami - no passports

One stop - 460 nm legs (passport required)

Two stops - easy 300-350 nm legs.

FUEL - cheapest in the Islands: $6.75 avgas - $3.95 Jet-A

Airport Fees - waived for the Fly In

Folks, it’s a nice place, with some beautiful unspoiled beaches:

Shari and I joined Jim last year, and we’re going again this year. He gets the group a nice discount, and it’s an easy flight (especially nonstop in the Eclipse [;)]). There will be some other Eclipse 500’s this year in addition to an assortment of Cirrus, Cessna, and other aircraft…


I have no business connection with Jim Parker, although he is welcome to send me commission checks. Having said that, I have gone on one of his trips (Dominican Republic). Nancy and I may go on this trip. Jim organizes everything and is always the congenial available host. His wife is even more charming than Jim, but that’s another story. IMO, the amount he charges for his services on these trips is one of the biggest bargains in aviation.

All right!
Someone is trying to work here!
Can you all stop teasing the ones sustaining the economy by taunting with your leisure travels??? [:)]

You enjoy!

Giuseppe. Since you aren’t going, would you mind if I borrowed your Eclipse?

As long as you “don’t get gassy” on my seat again!!!

Remarkably, even in this election season, everything JimK has said is certifiably accurate, but he made one important omission. Genteel as JimP and Margie certainly are, an unforeseeable benefit of joining them are the truly & consistently nice folks they attract on their junkets. (JimK not withstanding, but NancyK obviously included.)

Considering all the Type A1+ pilots in aviation, this is a remarkable feat. Or maybe it’s the location, or the sunshine, or the footwear… nah, it’s probably Jim & Margie.

[Still have one hurdle to clear, but hope to see you out east.]

I’m an East-coaster, but in San Fran for a conference on 12/4-5. My wife and I would love this trip. The kick off is from Fla on 12/6? May I can pre-position 9CP in Miami …

Mark, That would work. We’ll be flying down Thursday the 6th. Friday is a do-what-you-like day so you even fly down on Friday. Any questions, call me at 305-667-6282. Regards, Jim Parker

OK. Trying to sell a weekend in Miami, followed by three days in San Francisco, and five more in Puerto Rico. Fingers crossed …

What a super itinerary and trip. I can also recommend a hop over to Tortola via Beef Island airport in the British Virgin Islands. For those with an extra few days available then there are some great places to stay; Tiffany and I rented this small villa earlier this year - a fabulous location with the most amazing scenery and beaches:

Wish I could join on this trip, but will shamelessly save the above itinerary for a future trip.