ferry to europe via russia?

does anyone know if it would be feasible to take an sr22 to europe by crossing russia rather than the atlantic?

While it would cut way down on the overwater portiion of the flight, I suspect you would have a hard time finding 100LL in the wilds of Russia.


Interestingly enough I investigated flying a GA aircraft to Russia when my daughter was a student there. At that time (5 years ago) I would have had to have a Russian Navigator on board for every flight and fuel was a major issue. The prior permissions, restrictions, insurance requirements and paperwork was more than I could handle. While flying from Alaska to Siberia to Central Russia to Europe may be possible I think it would be far more difficult and expensive than crossing the Atlantic via Newfoundland/Labrador, Greenland, Iceland and Scotland. I may be wrong and things may have changed but I seriously doubt the practicality of a trans Russian flight.

From AOPA Switserland;

  • FLY TO RUSSIA IN YOUR OWN AIRCRAFT: IFR usually is no problem. VFR requires a Russian navigator (at your expense) to be picked up. He will handle all radio and navigation jobs, and he also has all the necessary charts. Correct applications for traffic rights (non-commercial, too) are usually granted quickly, but those containing errors are simply ignored.

Fuel availability must be checked in advance. With the Continental powered IL-103, 100LL starts being spread around the country.

All fuel payed in cash / credit card with Euro’s or Dollars.


Flying over Russia is not that much different than flying over water with regard to long expanses of absolutely nothing below you except wilderness. While you might survive an engine failure or other emergency over land, you might not survive the wait for a rescue.

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you would have a hard time finding 100LL in the wilds of Russia.

But then again it might be a “happy” Cirrus flying on 100 proof Vodka! [;)]


I think I’d take the North Atlantic over Siberia, any day

Of course, the Polish vodka is better than the Russian stuff!


The Russian route sounds fun, but you are going
against the prevailing winds and the trip is an awful
lot longer…I don’t have a handy globe but I would guess
4500 going east and at least twice that westward,

– Andrew (in guesstimation mode)