Expunging 5 year old posts?

Why not clear out the attic? I mean 4-year-old posts I get but 5 is a little long in the tooth for selling something in 2015. Can I do anything to help? It would make the marketplace a better friend to buyers and sellers. cheers.

I think that we are working on that. We are working on a Marketing plan and one of the things we are considering is having Market Place ads sunset after 30 or 60 days. Thanks for the offer of help!


Alternative point of view: historical posts can give some perspective on market value and availability of items. Let’s say I want to sell a portable O2 system, I can look through years of old posts and see what else was offered and at what price. Maybe instead of deleting the old posts, move them to an archive?


What about automatically locking Marketplace posts and adding a SOLD tag after a year or so?

Or “Expired”?

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