Datalink and Nexrad issue on Avidyne MFD

Does anyone have input on how I can get the Datalink and Nexrad weather to active in spite of the XM Signal saying it’s good. Subscription is active. Just can’t figure it out. Thanks for any input.


Hi Craig,

What model plane do you have? It is common for the XM antenna to be velcroed under the glare shield on older cirruses, and they can fall off easily.

It’s pretty simple to remove the glare shield with just a few star screws and put the antenna back in place. I hope that helps.

Welcome to COPA.

Have you done an activation refresh?,

Hi Clayton,

I do have an older model. 2002 G1. I’ll check that for sure, and thank you. The odd thing is that the signal strength on the Aux page shows the signal being received. But you never know so I will check.


Hi Clyde,

Thank you for the response. I have not done a refresh, but I do remember doing it when I first got my account two years ago. So I can easily do it again.

That’ll be my next step,


If you have done the refresh and the signal strength is “good”, the next thing to check on that signal strength page is the time of the last product update. You should see NEXRAD, Metars etc. with the last update time. If you see those as actice and you are not seeing the products on the MFD, then there is one thing needing to be done.

You have to turn on NEXRAD with the lower right soft key on the MFD. If you have NEXRAD in the “off” position nothing will show up.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for this info. I will check the update and also the Nexrad status I the MFD.

I really appreciate the help.