Cirrus Travelogue


Just wanted to let everyone know I have some new travelogue chapters posted on the Cirrus Design web site.

To see it, click here.

There’s also a new trivia question, this time for a Cirrus baseball cap. I hope you enjoy the new material and I’m always looking for comments.

Hope you don’t mind the shameless plug.



Love the travelogue. Keep up the great work! Look forward to meeting you at my seminar (talk about a shameless plug!) [;)]

Looking forward to meeting you too, and others whom I see post to these boards. I’m definitely going to try to attend. Thanks for the kind words regarding the travelogue. It’s been fun to put together.


The best part about your writing is that one doesn’t really have to read it. I start… but after that, somehow your thoughts get injected into my imagination, and I could swear that actual reading never happened. Very few writers can so effectively make me forget that I’m reading that I’m simply transported to the land-of-the-subject-matter.

Keep it up - and thanks!

  • Mike.


Wow, that’s an amazing compliment to a writer and I REALLY appreciate it. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the travelogue and hope it’s enjoyed by everyone else who reads it. I’m working on some new stories that will be posted before too long.
Looking forward to meeting you, and others from this organization, at OSH.

Best regards, and thanks,