Cirrus SR22 G7

I absolutely LOVE my 2015 SR22 and although some of the G6 features are appealing, I agree that the Fadec would be THE reason for Cirrus to unveil the G7…which should allow for Autoland.

I’m holding off until then…the SF50 just does not have the carrying capacity/range to make such a leap.

Seat locking mechanism. Time to upgrade from the 1950’s design. Something from, say, the 1990’s will be a welcome improvement.

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I’d be happy if the rear headset jacks were actually in the rear. I HATE leaving the a20 boxes strung across the floor so my kids can step on them


They should be on the rear side panels…

As am I! I have a 2015 SR22 GTS and it is amazing, but I’m flying it for a decade unless FADEC/Auto throttle is introduced.