Changing the starter adapter leads to metal chips in oil?

Hey guys,

I recently had to change the starter adapter in my 2007 G3 SR22 TN. 10 hours later an oil analyses was done and they found “significant” metal chips in the oil (I’ll get the numbers in a few days). The maintenance shop tells me not to worry, as this would be normal after the change of the starter adapter.

Until now I am very happy with this maintenance shop. Should I think this over or are they right?

Tnx for any help!


Last year I thought that I had a starter adapter failure (turned out to be the actual starter). While reading various threads about starter adapter, I did come across a thread that mentioned about finding metal in the oil after replacement.

I think this is due to the “kick back” from the adapter, but I am not sure. I am mechanically challenged and leave to experts to opine what is the reason that metal would be found.

The oil should have been changed immediately after the starter adapter failed.

What starter were you using to prompt the starter adapter replacement?

I don’t know, Alex. Does it make a difference?

Yes, a very big difference. Most aircraft shipped today are coming with sky tech ST-3 starters which are basically lightweight hunks of shit. Previous versions were with a Eastern European starter call the Iskra which is in the same category for reasons it tears up the starter adapter.
The heavy starters particularly the energizers turn the propeller at 200 rpm, and the starter adapter does not get torn up by them unlike the light weight starters which turn at 60 rpm.

If your starter adapter failed you may be seeing metal from that failure. We always change the adapter and oil at the same time.

Alex, You have to stop holding back and tell us how you really feel.

His answer is plausible although he should have changed the oil as others mentioned. I would put it on a shortened oil change cycle and check it again. If it continues you might have a problem with the OH of the adapter. I have seen that before. Hopefully your shop is right. No need to give up on the shop unless it continues and he doesn’t step up and fix it

Yes that is what I did also. 10 hours later, I did an oil change and cut open the oil filter looking for metal.