CAPS Overhaul by Leading Edge Aviation in Tampa, FL

Hey guys, remember me?

Just wanted to drop in and give a shout out to Leading Edge Aviation in Tampa, FL for a job well done on my CAPS replacement.

Steve Miller coordinated with me and really bent over backwards to accommodate my needs… The girlfriend couldn’t take off many days of work so I had to get this done over a weekend! Usually takes 3-5 business days for the replacement but they did it for me in record time, 2 business days over a weekend. Dropped the plane to them Friday morning and left Monday afternoon with a plane that was cleaner than when I dropped it to them! The paint looks great and I can not tell they did anything (hmmmm…) haha.

I managed to play at Busch Gardens and the Adventure water park during the weekend they were working hard so it was a great mini-vacay to soothe the pain of opening my wallet so wide. They were less expensive than any of my surrounding area shops and boasted 30 replacements so I knew they were not newbies at it.

Great job and look forward to doing more business with them at my airport, Manassas, VA HEF.

Penny, Andy, Jason, Dennis: lets get a Bahamas trip going again :slight_smile:


Glad to here they met your needs.

As to the Bahamas . . . How about joining us in June for Adventures on the Gulf Migration 11

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Already did and I’ll be there this coming year, palming a bottle of wine at dinner I’m sure

Holy crap Rick, rejoin! It is only 65 damn dollars. Dennis can’t entertain us single-handedly.

Actually he can, but we would like to have you back.

I’ll be panhandling at a corner near you after my Annual in March, my CAPS in July and my insurance in August!

So the Rick- Dennis thing is on again? Time to break out the pictures and the Broke Back Mountain video![:D]


I feel your pain.

We missed you at M10. Come on back to the member side! The girls on canal street are still looking for ya. Can’t disappoint them all can ya?

Are they blonde and under 25?

I think she used to be…[;)]

Yea, but just wait and see the great rooms we are getting at M11, and with the terrific room rates, you’ll save enough for the chute repack (ok, I exaggerating a bit . . . but just a bit.)

You can join in this year Brian. We can have a love fest like we used to at M11, Adventure at the Gulf

You will be joining us this June, won’t you? Bring Elaine too.

(BTW, some of our newer members don’t know to what you are referring)

Don’t ask and you will receive anyway:

…and M9 (although I missed it), M8, M7, M6 and I believe M5 although I might be wrong on that.

I was at M3, M4 and M5. Then the word got out and no one would allow me to hang out with their daughters so I had to lay low till new members joined…

Thanks Andy. That is exactly what I was looking for. Dennis has not been the same since!!

Yeah, I notice he never makes eye contact any more. [;)]

Good luck with that.

They did my annual this year and did a great job although it was a Tampa mechanic that had come up to do it.