Canopy Covers

Buying a new SR-22T and wanted some reviews on canopy covers. Have used a cover on our Dakota for years and were happy how it protected the airplane when left out on cross county flights. I have heard both pros and cons due to the paint and composite structure for the Cirrus. Is there any good science or opinions on the value of a cover?

I got mine from Kustom Kovers. Never had a problem.

Are you going to hangar the airplane or is it going to be tied down outside? Where is the airplane going to be located?

It will be hangered at home base but out on the road for business 10 days a month and it will be tied down those days.

Then I recommend a lightweight cover. I have a lightweight cover from Aircraft Covers
(originally, the design was from Cunningham Covers), and it is truly lightweight. The whole thing fits in a stuff bag with a diameter of about 6 inches and a length of about 24".

Bruce’s Covers makes good stuff, and I just got great customer service from them when ordering some wingtip covers, but their covers are canvas and quite a bit heavier and bulkier.