Can Anyone help to find an engine?

My girl is suddenly grounded in New Jersey (I live in Ohio) and is in need of a new or rebuilt engine. Does anyone have any leads or recommendations for me? The prospects seemed pretty bleak when I spoke to the FBO mechanic there. She’s a G1 SR22 and I feel lost without her.


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I just went through this process and I think I spoke to just about every vendor out there. Good luck ordering a factory engine directly (rebuild or new) - they told me I should buy an engine from them as quickly as possible and if I found something better I could sell it for more money down the pipe since demand was that crazy. No idea if this is true.

Check with Danny at Steel Aviation. He helped me find an engine that he had an order. They just finished her yesterday, actually. He had a another engine ready for a job shortly after mine, but I don’t know if he sold that slot yet.


You can always call Jim Barker. He may have some. @Jim_Barker

Call Danny Potter with Steel Aviation.

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