Bolster switch panel need source for switch

Avionic power switch failed. Cirrus only shows replacement at panel assembly. It look easy to just replace switch. Anyone know a part number and source for the switch. I suspect the switches are all the same in the Bolster Switch Panel part number 14637-001.

I had a similar issue and first tried spraying deoxit thoroughly into the switch. Moved the switch back and forth and let it soak a few minutes. It immediately started working again and no issues since doing this 3 years ago. I did disconnect the battery before liberally applying the deoxit.

I completely agree with Randy as the most likely quick and cheap fix. Jim Barker has some switches if Randy’s suggestion doesn’t work.

This is on Ebay for $465

Moritz Bolster Panel P/N A0955 S/N 1367 Cirrus SR22 Rocker Switch Panel

Moritz Bolster Panel P/N A0955 S/N 1367 Cirrus SR22 Rocker Switch Panel
( 351993930630 )

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I have “fixed” bolster switches just as Randy described as well, sometimes just squirting the DeoxIT from above without even having to remove the switch panel. Absolutely worth a try before you replace the switch or the whole panel.

Thanks for all the inputs. I purchased DEOXIT 5 online could not find it locally. Soaked the switch from the toggle side while toggling the switch many times with power off. Then checked the switch with ohm meter both sides were now working. Then blew toggle side of switch with air pressure to dry out switch. Turned power on and toggled avionic switch on. Both 430s worked great, Problem solved.

Thanks again for all the help.