Big Ear & Clarity Aloft

Although I have Bose A20 I typically opt for my Clarity Aloft headset. I wasn’t a fan of the foam earplugs for continued use and eventually came across a company that does custom ear plugs that will fit CA headset.

I have zero affiliation with BigEar other than I’ve been using the ear plugs for a little less than a year and, with regular cleaning, look and perform like the day I received them. Customer service is great. I searched forums and didn’t see BigEar mentioned.

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@RSR22T Ron, did you do the at-home impression kit or go to an audiologist?

Ron , I own (2) sets of Clarity Aloft then i purchased UFQ / U Fly Quiet headset over year ago with active ANR and their earbuds are comfortable and this headset is very quiet. Won’t use anything else.

I had custom ear buds made for my clarity aloft and quite prefer that setup over my Bose A10. I’d be curious to get a pirep on the UFQ ANR set. Pros and cons vs the CA… I see they’re available on Amazon so best case I buy and try, worst case I don’t like and return.

I prefer American made. That’s just me.

When I contacted Big Ear they located a vendor that does custom molds and sends them off after. The vendor I went to actually does a number of molds for firearms folks and musicians. I was told by Big Ear they’ll save the data in their system in the event you lose a plug so you don’t have to pay for bee molds to be made.