Best airport for Las Vegas?

I’m flying to Las Vegas this weekend. What airport should I use? When I click on GA on the McCarran site, it lists all the other airports in the area such as North Las Vegas, but nothing at McCarran. I assume Signature will provide GA services, at their usual rates. And McCarran seems to be the most convenient. But am I opening myself up to delays getting in? I’ll probably be going IFR given the weather moving in.


Macarren is great! Use Signiture for the fbo. Parking is 7-9/ day and if you tell them to fuel your plane after midnight you will save .50/gallon. When you contact atc they will ask you if you are aware of henderson, tell them you are and let them know thats not where you are going. After that its a walk in the park…Ed

While I am no expect on Las Vegas airports, we have flown into McCarren a couple of times during the last year in our C182. The upside is that the FBO facility is nice and right off of the strip. The downside is that there is a hefty landing fee. Next time we are there, we plan to use one of the other airports.

Curt,I’m partial to North Las Vegas. It’s a ways from the Strip, but it’s very GA-friendly and the fuel is quite inexpensive (see Airnav page about this airport).Cheers,Roger

I am based at north las vagasVGT and they will give you afree ride by eather a cab or sometimes a limo. You do have to get your way back from the strip it is im guesing $i5.00 back. fuel is $2.10 or if they bring truck to you or $1.95 if you go to pump I prefer not to do extra start. I think it is $5.00 per nite to park GPs approach you wont need it this weekend. There is one part part if coming from southern cal you have an extra 10 min flight from henderson thru class B airspace. Henderson is nice for now but in about 3 weeks they are going to be uner runway redo for over a year. Just for everyones future referance. By the way the ride to the strip is from VGT is about the same as Henderson bothe airports have very friendy service. VGT is very nice new buibing and the airport is much more sucure ATC is in tower from ^ am to 8 pm. If you want more info let me know they at macaren will help you thru airspace no problem From Don N705DM

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Macarren is great! Use Signiture for the fbo. Parking is 7-9/ day

Last I heard it was $50/day. When did you pay $9?. I’ve used Henderson. Very friendly folks, very inexpensive fuel, but no approach. $5/night tiedown. About a 10-15 minute cab ride. Tell them not to take the Strip! But if you are going to arrive after the FBO closes it is a big hassle getting a cab. Best to call on unicom and they’ll have one waiting.

Well, it seems someone has something good to say about every FBO and airport in the area, so I can’t go wrong!

I’ll probably start with Signature, to find out if Ed’s tricks really work for anyone but him! (for those of you not at the PSP fly-in, Ed shared a few of his tricks for getting bargains from Signature anywhere in the country)


Not true. Just got back from a weekend at LAS - Signature charged me $35/day parking. 50c/gal discount was nice, given that 100LL was $3.87 (choke). We did a tour of the Grand Canyon today and stopped at HND to top off, and as usual, got outstanding service and cheap gas.

I really like Henderson, but it does have issues, such as unprotected ramps (from wind) with wind gusts this week running to 55mph, I was happy to pay the money for Signature.

We used it on 9/02 when we were on the way home from dlh. Who charged the $50.00 land fee. It also helps if you can do 175knts when asked on long final;}…Ed
P.S it was $9.oo/ night to park

Gorden, The 50.00 a day comes with gas,parking,and a hooker. When I go I get parking only and gas after midnight at a discount of .50/gallon…Ed

Flown to KLAS (McCarran Intl.) many times and like Ed, I like it! I wouldn’t go anywhere else unless the parking fee is $ 50 a night. I always park on the North West side …used to be Scenic Airlines in the old days, now is Las Vegas executive I believe. You can’t beat the convenience…a 5 min cab ride to the strip! Plus you get to do that nice base to final turn level with the Stratosphere hotel…hey cheap thrills!


So that was your plane I saw on the ramp (In front of the FBO Actually) at Bullhead City a couple of months ago. Imagine my surprise being the second Cirrus on the ramp at a small airport like that. Nice plane… :wink:

BTW, I have flown out of both McCarren and NLV, either are great service. Costs are lower at NLV and access to the strip is better at LAS. Frankly its a personal choice in my opinion, depends on your values. I frankly have never gone to LV to save money :wink: ATC has always been great to deal with up there.

Roger Whittier

Hi Paul did I not see your plane one time at VGT. Did you not like it there. They have always been so nice there. And
$ 5 day to park. Free shuttle anywere in Vagas just wondering. I am personly to cheap to pat $35 to park plus 3 dollors per gal for fuel. From Don

My only problem with VGT has now been resolved. We rented a wreck from the FBO because everyone claimed you couldn’t get normal rent-a-cars dropped off there. That is false.

VGT is fine, but I was meeting my wife for dinner and would have been late if I had gone to VGT. Frankly, the drive/cab-ride from VGT is worse than henderson if you’re going to the south part of the strip.

Otherwise, perfectly nice airport. Just don’t rent from that FBO. I believe both budget and hertz can be conned into dropping off cars there. Enterprise now services Henderson,.