Autopilot Off Course

We’re on our third Century HSI now. Since the latest refurbished unit was installed we’ve noticed a problem when using the NAV mode. It seems that when the course selector is set to the proper course (as indicated by the GPS), we consistently track 15 degrees to the left. If we set the needle to a course 15 degrees to the right of the desired track, we track fine. The same thing happens if we use a VOR signal instead of the GPS signal (VLOC or GPS mode).

Heading bug works fine.

Anyone with a similar experience have any insight? Thanks.

Not exactly, but we have autopilot problems. Our heading bug is several degrees off, our nav mode tracks to the right of course (but parallels it), the wing leveler knob isn’t centered, we have an autopilot pitch down when transmitting at higher frequencies, and the autopilots oscillates the yoke left and right in level flight. I talked to the avionics shop today and they found several problems with the autopilot including installation issues. I’m flying for them tomorrow so they can do some adjustments while in flight.

We corrected a similar problem by always punching the approach button for navigating. Ours stays right on.