Aspen IMC 2-LOC & Missed -- in the Simulator

Ground contact, check… but can you see the runway environment? In part 2 of this short series we e-fly a Localizer approach into Aspen, with weather 3500’ overcast, visibility 2 miles reported. What are your experiences and opinions on shooting approaches in a home simulator? Is the geography and topography realistic enough? Are the avionics pretty functional compared to the real world?

Thanks for your insight and enjoy the video!
Wayne, the GeezerGeek Pilot


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Alexander, thanks for this tip. I’m not a Cirrus owner, so I’m not sure I’m able to be a member.

Hoping you nevertheless find these little videos useful!


Half of the members here aren’t Cirrus drivers so it’s not a predicate to membership. We have Citation, TBM, PC12, Kingair, Bonanza in addition to the 20 and 22. Join up and learn something.


Awesome video and great editing!!! I love it!!

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Paul, thanks for the very kind words! I’m in the midst as we e-speak of joining as an Individual Member.

Thanks for watching the video. I’m thinking that part 3 of this series might include some (I use its real-person ATC quite often and find it super for putting adrenaline into the sim).


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PilotEdge is the key!

I am currently “flying” with Lockheed Martin P3D, Flight1Tech Garmin G1000 Student Simulator, Flight1Tech Cirrus SR20/22 Add-on, and PilotEdge. It’s about as real as it gets! (I haven’t had the guts to fly into Aspen yet, LOL!)

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Paul, I’m 100% with you that PilotEdge is THE key!

As a possible adjunct, a friend and I have been trying out SmartCopilot, another plugin for X-Plane that let’s us fly as a two pilot crew (as we often do in real life), e.g. one of us flying and one handling radios (PilotEdge)… this past weekend we flew into KLAX, KSAN and KLAS on IFR flight plans… quite cool.

As noted on another reply, there’s a shopping cart issue right now with COPA and I have an email into admin… then I should be able to see your link.

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OK, I am being a smart ass – but, first loved the video; very thought provoking.

I would not fly into Aspin in EDIT [vmc] meant IMC. No way…

I flew there one night commercially out of Denver with W and 3 sons. We flew the approach 3 times with 2 missed approaches. The pilot said if we didn’t get in the 3d try we were going to Montrose. I said, never again. Just fyi.

Hell, it made me nervous just watching the video, albeit in the simulator…lol…


EDIT to add: I visited Aspin this past summer, in my sr 22. I was nervous because of the cumulus clouds en-route from Denver. I did my best to avoid them, but it was impossible to avoid the clouds completely, with temps -6df and due to mea’s we were skimming the tops, a fav placed to find ice – so, I wasn’t too happy; but, still a spectacular flight at 17k’.

As we got close to Aspin, the clouds parted and we were able to arrive in VMC. The only problem was getting down from 17k’ to 6k’ field elevation…we were doing monster S turns on final – the idea of going around did not appeal to me as there are big rock in all quadrants and climb performance ws very much on my mind…meanwhile another plane was in trail adding incrementally to our stress. ALL ended well…

On departure from the mtns, same scenario…tops at 17k - 18k’. I did learn our N/A engine will take you up to FL 180, where we escaped the tops for 10 minutes before we reached the plains…that experience resolved my decision to get an eclipse…

John, I love it! [:D]… I must say I was nervous also (repeat: it’s only a sim, it’s only a sim).

Fly safely,


John, that’s the beauty of a sim…you get to do all sorts of crazy sh*t that you would NEVER do in real life!

We’ll get that remedied… Then, we’ll repost your video to a member link. I know many members will be interested.

Wow, Paul, that’s excellent support… thanks!