I am flying a trip into Denver and am wondering if I need to do any abnormal leaning for takeoff and landing or do I do the usual rich mixture for takeoff and landing??

What model plane do you have?

If it normally aspirated, yes you will need to lean for takeoff and landings.

It is an SR22.

Use the placard FF. I start the ground roll fairly lean then enrichen in the first few seconds to the placard. It’s not an exact science so just get it close.

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NA or turbo?

Non turbo

Trent Epperson

As others have said, you MUST lean for a high DA takeoff. If you don’t you will not be getting anywhere near the correct power.

Either lean to the placard +1 gallon or so, or lean so that all EGTs are around 1300 on takeoff.

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I am a new subscriber so don’t know my way around yet but thanks for the info I will try that.

Trent Epperson

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— Before takeoff: Look at the placard in the plane for full-throttle gas flow for the plane, at different altitudes. I don’t have it right in front of me (it’s in the plane), but I think for 4000 feet it’s 24 gph. Extrapolate above that for altitude at KAPA.

— First three to five seconds of takeoff roll: Push in full throttle and full-rich mixture, as you get going.

— Three to five seconds and beyond: As engine is up to full RPMs and fuel flow is full reading, and as you’re gaining speed, pull back the mixture until you’re at the GPH indicated for that altitude. About then is when you’ll be nearing rotation speed.

Fuel settings on landing are also important but less critical IMO. They matter mainly if you have to do a go-around.