Alternator Issue

My #1 Alternator failed in flight and despite various attempts at recycling it did not restart. On the next leg it still wasn’t working and the same happened at the beginning of the third leg. However, just prior to landing on that third flight I turned it on (just in case) and … yes, it worked. My AMP checked the plane the next day and everything worked fine: he verified all wiring and nothing is loose. I flew again twice and everything is working properly. Absent a good explanation of what happened, it doesn’t make sense to change the unit. However, I don’t like the open-ended … situation.

Anybody has any idea of what could have happened?

Happy flying,

Paolo N930PG


I don’t have an answer for you, but you might want to pose this question in the members discussion forum, because it looks like it might have been missed out here. I can’t imagine that nobody would want to weigh in on this.

Thanks Andy, good point.

See you on the other forum,



See you there.[:)]